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BioTNS is not afraid of challenges and changes, but is waiting for talent to open the future together.

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Recruitment guide

The future is you, take on new challenges.

BioTNS always keeps its doors open to attract talented people.

Recruitment Classification

Recruitment scheduled according to the manpower supply and demand plan

How to apply

Company website ( ‘Recruitment notice’

Apply Eligibility


Refer to the job announcement when announcing

Common Qualifications

· Possess good character and positive mindset

· A person who has a high understanding of the work and has a passion

· Those who are not disqualified for overseas travel

Working Condition

One's place of employment
1. HQ and Research Center(Bio-Lab, System-Lab)
2. Gumi Branch (Gumi System-Lab)
3. Seoul Branch (Management Supporting, Marketing & Sales)

According to company regulations and individual ability

Documents to be submitted

The company application form, graduation certificate, transcript, etc. attached


If the contents of the application form are found to be false, the employment may be canceled even after the employment is confirmed.

Only those who pass the document screening will be notified individually along with the interview schedule.

Submitted documents will not be returned

Recruitment process

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Recruitment inquiries

Recruitment Personnel

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