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Molecular Diagnostics Appliances

Based on the cutting-edge technology, we are ahead of the next generation molecular diagnostic market.

Real-time PCR Appliances

Ultra-small rapid diagnosis POCT system


real-time fluorescence Intensity

Equipment Specification

Weight : 20kg
Dimension : 352×356×290mm (W×L×H)
Power Source : 220 VAC, 60Hz, 800W
Sample Capacity : 20㎕
Detection channels : FAM/HEX/TexasRed/Cy5
Operation temperature : 20℃ ~ 40℃

  • Rapid (~40 minutes) initial response on site

  • Minimize experiment errors with automated control

  • POCT responsive design, can be used by non-experts

  • Pre-treatment kit ~10 minutes

  • Simple extraction of Liquid lysis buffer type

  • Suitable for on-site nucleic acid extraction in conjunction with the POCT system

  • Nucleic acid extraction possible within 10-15 minutes

  • PCR sensitivity similar to manual commercial products

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