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BioTNS Develops Companion Diagnostic Kit for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Money Today

Reporter Park Saerom

2023.04.07 16:28

BioTNS, a next-generation molecular diagnostic venture company, announced on the 7th that it will develop a lung cancer companion diagnostic kit using its own "Digital PCR Platform" based on Micro-droplets.

In 2021, the company launched a Droplet-based digital PCR platform (product name MiKro-dPCR) developed in cooperation with the Nano General Technology Institute under the Ministry of Science and ICT. The company said, "Droplet digital PCR shows superior performance compared to the existing second-generation real-time PCR technology," adding, "It guarantees the highest level of sensitivity and specificity with a technology that amplifies the sample by dividing it into fine droplets."

Using the Droplet digital PCR platform, the company has started to develop a companion diagnotics kit for non-small cell lung cancer with a large number of patients. First, it plans to develop a second-generation Real-time PCR-based diagnostic kit and officially release it in 2024.

The cancer companion diagnostics kit is a diagnostic reagent that can test the effectiveness and risk of patients in advance when a targeted anticancer drug is administered. The diagnostic kit developed by the company this time is a product that can diagnose all 49 target mutations of targeted anticancer drugs over three generations of non-small cell lung cancer. It is expected to be the best diagnostic kit that enables both tissue pathology and liquid biopsy, the company said. "This product can be used for the joint diagnosis of lung cancer treatments such as 'Lekraza' developed by Yuhan Corporation."

In addition, BioTNS announced that it will combine Droplet digital PCR technology and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technology to provide more accurate cancer diagnosis results. NGS is a technology that can detect minute mutations through gene sequencing, a company official said. "The advantage is that it can analyze mutations in cancer cells more accurately when used with Droplet digital PCR."

Seung-il LEE, CEO of BioTNS, said, "Based on the MiKro-dPCR platform developed and released by our company, we will continue to pursue R&D to maintain a leading position in cancer diagnosis in the era of precision medicine."



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