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최고의 기술력을 기반으로 차세대 분자진단 시장을 앞서 나갑니다.


BioTNS has been awarded the iR52 Jang Young Shil Award.

BioTNS has been recognized for its development efforts in the Droplet Digital PCR platform, receiving support from the Ministry of Science and ICT and winning the Jang Young Shil Award, operated by the Korea Industrial Technology Association.

The Droplet Digital PCR platform, for which our company has received the Jang Young Shil Award, holds significant meaning as it has successfully localized the equipment and various consumables, serving as the core technology for the next generation of liquid biopsy. Globally, only around three companies, including ours, possess this technology, with one in the United States and one in Europe. From the precision perspective of molecular diagnostics, Digital PCR technology is currently the most accurate technology, making it highly anticipated for future market expansion.

With this technology as a foundation, our company can develop various diagnostic kits. Particularly in the field of cancer diagnosis, it can play a significant role. Additionally, it can be utilized in diverse areas such as Alzheimer's diagnosis, the most precise respiratory disease diagnosis, and diagnostics for companion animals, showcasing its versatility.


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